The Jury of the 43rd INFANT festival worked in the following composition: 
Nemanja Ranković, MA – actor and director (Serbia), Chairman of the Jury
Miljana Zeković, PhD – architect, Assistant Professor  at the University in Novi Sad (Serbia), Member of the Jury
Goce Ristovski, MA – theatre scientist and critic (FYROM), Member of the Jury

The Jury concluded that the 43rd INFANT has offered a high quality selection. In its previous editions INFANT succeeded in introducing into the contemporary theatrical creative production a new and alternative expression and fresh and deep deliberation.

At the final session held on 1st July 2016,  the Jury has reached the following decisions:

The Award for Particular Expressivity in the Border Areas between the Theatre and Other Arts, or Creativity in the Widest Sense is give to the play DIARY OF A MADMAN produced by the Moving Music Theatre (FYROM). The Award is given by a majority vote.

The play DIARY OF A MADMAN reaffirms musical theatre in a new, powerful and effective way. Having an effect of a pure theatrical expression; treating the text as such with due respectfulness; basing its dramaturgy on musical structure, this project engages contemporary means in the design of audio and video imagery.  The interpretation given by Ozren Grabarić points to and proves the superiority of an actor's effect in comparison to new technical-technological possibilities present in theatre.

The Award for the Most Original Exploration of One Segment of Theatrical Language, is given to the play ONLY MINE ALONE by Ana Dubljević and Igor Koruga (Serbia). The Award is given by a majority vote.

The play ONLY MINE ALONE explores negative emotions of an individual in life today, as well as the possibilities of creating new forms of togetherness in a very distinctive way, where the creativity of performers penetrates into the higher state of human consciousness. We particularly emphasise the effective exploration of the choreography of language, as well as the originality and distinctiveness of this theatre laboratory.

The Award for the Most Successful Experiment, or Performance as a Whole is given to the play HINKEMAN produced by The Zagreb Youth Theatre (Croatia).
The award is given by a unanimous vote.

The play is an impressive theatrical statement in all its segments, which perfectly function as a whole, demonstrating the original qualitative improvement of a classical text with up-to-date theatrical language. This new reading and interpretation of a theatrical piece that has already gained a classical status experiments not only with actors' transformations in regard to genre and style, but also with the feelings of the audience, which earns it a quality of a very current and engaged theatrical and social act.   All the aforementioned qualities make the play HINKEMAN stand out from the usual and conventional productions in the wider region.