Side Programme
Grate, Serbia

Band members:
Goran Beg – vocals and guitar
Dragan Alimpijević – guitar, bass and vocals
Zoltan Šimon – drums and vocals

Grate is a Novi Sad based band formed in 2007. They have released three albums: Prodaj nas (Sell Us, 2009), Volim da hodam (I Like Walking, 2013), and Ne mogu, neću, ne znam i ne želim (I Can’t, I Won’t, I Dunno and I Don’t Wanna, 2015). Having been profiled as a loud alternative rock band with powerful personal and socio-politically engaged texts, Grate has been touring and promoting its latest album, both in Serbia and in the region.

“However, if you make a mistake of never playing this band, rest assured that you’ll regret it one day. The quality is the one thing that always manages to surface one way or the other, regardless of how much trash we are immersed in. Turn off your TV, throw away the papers, start thinking. And as soon as an opportunity presents itself, treat yourself to an hour with I Can’t, I Won’t, I Dunno and I Don’t Wanna.”
Marko Ristić, Nocturne magazine 2015