Introductory Programme
Fire performance
Altnsart/Infantfusion/Ludifico, Serbia

Running time: 15 minutes

The dance performance of the Centre for Development of Circus Arts “Ludifico” with fire props such as fans, poi, staff, hoop, umbrella... Will fire unify the circles?

Ludifico is an organisation dedicated to the study, presentation and popularisation of circus arts, such as fire manipulation; air acrobatics on silk, ring, trapeze, rope; juggling, balancing, ground acrobatics, clown...
Over the past ten years, Ludifico’s artists have had performances at a number of festivals, in squares, clubs, shopping centres, corporate parties and have done numerous workshops sharing their knowledge with the young in our country and abroad (Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Oman, etc.).
One of the main goals of the association is to produce theatrical shows and to establish a new circus scene in our country. Ludifico has produced the following shows: Everyman (2015), Život na visokoj nozi (High Life, 2015), Zalutala pisma (Stray Letters, 2014) and TV Pretplata (TV Fee, 2013).   

New circus as a combination of acting and circus skills is a new trend in the world, so Ludifico seeks to meet the world standards in the development of an independent scene in Novi Sad and Serbia. This mission is achieved through collaborative creative processes of professional actors, acrobats, directors and musicians.