35th / 14th International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre
35 / 14. интернационални фестивал алтернативног и новог театра

Novi Sad, 25th June - 3rd July 2008

Sat, 28th June
presentation of the play
Kosta Bunuševac (Serbia)

| 18:00, The Youth Theatre, Small Stage

The Centre for Production of Secrets
And there was PICTURE, before words, before letters.
Picture was the original pattern of consciousness and abstract thinking, the initiator of the humanisation of space and time. This is how civilisation was born, the world of men, a phenomenon beyond natural cycles - the world of eternal self-actualisation illuminated by an aureole of immortality. 
Man has always been leaving behind long-lasting material evidence of the uniqueness of his existence, as grandiose guideposts for those who have the power of insight into the secrets of the core of the wholeness. Throughout history, art has been craftsmen’s centre for recording the coordinates of the secret, creating a heritage of pure spirituality, which is understood today as a sociological-museum record, as interpreted by populist generalisation. Today the centres for studying and creating secret are vanished; they have collapsed into the areas of existential mathematics, which has, for the umpteenth time, declared material phenomena to be idols of original meaning. That is the reason why I believe, why I feel, that it is necessary to reanimate esoteric laboratories of such artists who tell stories of the worlds hidden in the boundless depths of our souls.        
I see myself as one of them –the one who has been creating miracles for years, putting them on the shelves of oblivion and loneliness in the darkness of our society, waiting for the day when his collection of artistic artefact will see the day of light, as a gift of love to people.
My idea transposes the medium of painting into the laws of the medium of theatre, creating a symbiotic play whose main character is an artist-painter while in its centre is his work, which unfolds as a theatrical play within a certain time, on stage, before the audience, and not accidental gallery visitors.  
KOSTA is a play firmly linked to the concreteness of my creativity in all its segments: paintings, objects, texts, music, practical teaching about making an oil or watercolours painting, drawing, etc…                                  

Кosta Bunuševac

KOSTA is a play about art and painting seen through the author’s essential attitude to his own work of art: objects and paintings. The entire play is constructed from a mathematical series, sequences and pictures, interlaced with excerpts of texts from the field of art, history and future, refracted through the prism of the author’s subjectivity. The protagonists of the play are painter Kosta Bunuševac, who plays himself, and two young actors, visitors from the distant future. In this painting-play Bunuševac is an admired originator of an evolutionary leap – a leap from the continuum of the struggle of opposites into a continuum of an absolute spiritual unity.

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