35th / 14th International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre
35 / 14. интернационални фестивал алтернативног и новог театра

Novi Sad, 25th June - 3rd July 2008

Mon, 30th June
Maja Pelevic
MO-ART, Mostar (Bosna i Hezegovina)
| 20:00, The Novi Sad Theatre

Directed by: Miloš Lazin
Pedagogical cooperation: Boro Stjepanović

Cast: Zdeslav Čotić, Martina Kartelo, Gordana Simić, Marin Tudor, Miljan Vuković, Ivana Župa 

The play was created as a graduation piece of the students of the ‘Džemal Bijedić’ University in Mostar, Faculty of Humanities, Drama Department

A co-production with:
The Mostar Youth Theatre
The National Theatre Mostar
The Theatre Troupe ‘Mappa Mundi’ Paris (France)

The play’s realisation has been supported by:
The French Association for International Cooperation, Paris (France)
The French Cultural Centre, Sarajevo

The duration of the play is 90 minutes.

While working on the graduation production of the first generation of the Drama Department students at the ‘Džemal Bijedić’ University, I wanted to help the students make their play about a world that my generation failed to leave to them; to feel the theatrical expression which, like this world, is yet to be ‘designed’.

Maja Pelević’s text is an authentic inspiration for such a goal; it is not a drama about young people in Belgrade, nor is it a sad story about drug abuse victims. Out of Gear is a statement of an entire generation captured in despair.

When I asked the students during one of our sessions what the topic of Maja’s text could be, one of them answered: ‘We’.
Miloš Lazin

‘Out of Gear’ - like the ‘car thing’, like a debt, like inertia of the youth we return to so eagerly if nothing else than just in our own memories, like the unknown feeling called love. There is always going back to the emotion which made us do or write something.
Revisiting some people, situations, places you project yourself onto, so that you can live through the shredded memories once again. When I talked with Miloš about adding monologues to the characters I believed I had broken off for good a long time ago, I realised that they still have a lot to tell, first of all to me. Then came a very long dialogue, between me and - my characters, Miloš, actors and the marvellous town of Mostar… which is still continuing…and it speaks of alienation, impossibilities and sparkles we are afraid of but we are trying to catch in the dark nevertheless.
Maja Pelević  

The origin of the MO-ART Troupe:
The troupe emerged at the Drama Department of the Faculty of Humanities at the ‘Džemal Bijedić’ University in Mostar in spring 2006. Miloš Lazin was invited to work on the graduation production with the then final year students.

After the completion of studies, the graduates continued their careers each in their own community (Split, Zagreb, Zrenjanin), but they reunite to perform ‘Out of Gear’ (Mostar, Brčko).

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